APEX Legends Aimbot

APEX Legends, like any other popular PvP multiplayer title, has got a bit of a cheater problem. APEX Legends aimbot was recently used by a twitch streamer named Dhary. Thanks to EA’s naming and shaming policy casual players can’t make a useful report on players who use cheats.

What you can do when you encounter a cheater who uses aimbot, you can report them in-game. Even though it is 2019 people still use aimbots eh? I¬†guess it’s because of how easy it is to find on the internet. Thanks to some people who are selling it to a wider range of people.

But there is no need to worry though, EA keeps updating the games now and every so often so even if there were many cheaters they would all be empty handed by the time next patch releases. There is nothing to worry about hacks at the moment but if server crashes happen more often then we might have problems.

You can contact EA support forum from here
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