Apex Legends Dragons

Apex Legends surely is the fastest growing battle royale title or at least it was. It reached a mind-bending 50 million players in just 4 weeks which compared to the biggest title in the genre, it took Fortnite 90 days to reach that.

Current players may be far ahead from multi-millions but Apex Legends Season 2 is coming in hot with changes, new features, and a mysterious storyline. If you’ve already watched the Season 2 trailer, you probably saw the giant Dragon at the end of it. Now we highly suggest to jump back in the game and head straight to Repulsor where you can see and actually shoot at these flying creatures. One of the best features of these Dragons is that once an enemy deathbox is near them, they just grab it and fly off with it. Upon shooting at them a few times, the deathbox drops right where the dragon was flying at.

Keep in mind that what we see as dragons or flyers now is only a teaser for something huge that will take place with the next season of Apex Legends. Season 2 is going to be launched on July 2, for more information, leaks, rumors, and news on it click the link below.

Apex Legends Season 2 – Dragons

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