Apex Legends Dual Weapon

Ever since Season 2 of Apex Legends was launched, Respawn Entertainment, the developer company behind the Battle Royale title which became a hit in early February is growing rapidly, catching up to its hyped-up days after the initial release.

The game was a huge focus of criticism after the launch of the first season as the players found the game lacking features while the biggest rival of Apex Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale holds lots of weekly updates and new features, Apex Legends only had seasonal updates which brought in a patch update every once in three months.

Since this was not something that players were used to, it eventually got boring and people left the game. But just like any other EA title, the company was aware of this and started bringing in more new additions such as weapons and legends each season and events throughout each season.

Crypto Dual P2020 – RE-45 Auto

The image above was caught by a Redditor that sparked the debates with a theory that the Hammerpoint Rounds removal in replacement of a new hop-up that allows players to pick up a secondary pistol or even an Alternator SMG.

However, this also brings in major debates on whether it would overpowered or not, therefore the balancing of this would be very difficult. Although there are no official statements or teases that have been made by Respawn Entertainment other than this artwork, everything is possible at this point as the devs of Apex Legends always tease upcoming additions in mysterious ways without speaking a word about them.

Tell us what you think, do you think that dual pistols could be so powerful that it would surpass the damage of shotguns in close-quarters?

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