Apex Legends Duos Release Time

Too long have Apex Legends players waited for the Duos Mode and so less has the Solos Mode been played…Players seem really excited about the duos mode especially those who can’t get along with the lower types of players want one real fighter nex you, not more.

The Duos Mode has been released on 11.05.2019 and is supposed to last for 2 weeks. Just like all the patches, Duos patch put an end to the previous event, Fight or Flight.

The patch has some new features over Apex Legends. One of these new things is the Shooting Range. This feature has been demanded for a long time and now it seems like the players got what they wanted. Players can enter the Shooting Range by using the lobby. Let’s see what can be done with the firing range.

Another add-on to the game is the daily challenge feature. Legend tokens can be spent to reroll the Daily challenges. Here’s the list showing the cost scale of daily challenges:

  • 200 Legend Tokens > first reroll
  • 500 Legend Tokens > second reroll
  • 1000 Legend Tokens> third or more reroll
A daily challenge screen as seen in the picture
  • You can play with any legends and swap between them as much as you want
  • You can pick all collectibles and use them
  • You can practice your skills on dummies
  • You can enter the shooting range alone, or as a duo and as a squad.

You can reroll as many as you can when you have 1000 Legend tokens or more. Every day players can have one easy, medium and hard challenge. This cost scale resets every day

Duos mode will bring a different atmosphere to Apex Legends players those who may be easily tilted because of lower players in their squad. We’ll see what happens next after they have disabled the duos mode. Please stick to our article to learn about further news

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