Apex Legends Flyers

Apex Legends Season 2 was first revealed during the EA Play Press Conference. Just like the first season, we will be getting a new Legend and a new weapon but what’s more interesting is that for the first time in Apex Legends history there will be map changes.

The Season 2 trailer was displayed during the press conference and the Flyers or Leviathans or even Dragons, whatever you call them were teased at the end of the trailer. If you played Titanfall before Apex Legends, there is a high chance that you already know Leviathans exist in the Apex Legends universe since both are tied together.

Most recently the picture above was shared on official Apex Legends Instagram saying “L001 is moving southbound at a rate of ten klicks per hour after a sixteen-hour rest interval. This is yet another significant rest-time reduction. We suspect L001 is exhibiting signs of territorial behavior or distress. We will continue gathering data and attempt to determine the cause.”. Perhaps the Flyer that was shown in the trailer was titled as L001. We expect more lore to Apex Legends Flyers as the Season 2 is coming closer. It is set to date as July 2, if you haven’t got the latest news on the Season 2 click the links below to know more on what you will be seeing.

Apex Legends Season 2 New Legend
New Weapon
Apex Legends Ranked Mode

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