APEX Legends: Game Review 2019. (Legends & Armory & Store & Game Settings Explained)

With the growth of battle royale genre, we see many new games in the industry. And Titanfall‘s battle royale APEX Legends is one of them. It is an Electronic Arts(EA) published game with the Respawn Entertainment taking the game developer role. After it’s sudden release on February 4th this year. It had a lot of impact on the gaming community. This freshly out game hit one million players in just eight hours and reached over 25 million player in it’s first few weeks. Let’s have an in-depth look at the game.

After playing over 30 hours of this game. The only thing I can tell is ”I love it’‘. Twenty teams of three players skydive to an island, looking for items in a shrinking map, just like any other battle royales. But it has many great features like different characters you can choose. Each legend(characters) has it’s own unique ability.

You can check out the legends on the official website here.


Even though APEX Legends is a free-to-play game, it has microtransactions,
$8.99 for 1000 coins, but legendary cosmetics skins are around $19.99. That is a lot more than any other PUBG or Fortnite skin. Game itself only contains cosmetics. So whether you pay or not you will have the same weapons that deals the same amount of damage just like everybody else. So there is no unfair play between somebody who pays or somebody who does not.

These cosmetics can be purchased with microtransactions, or simply with the in-game credit called crafting metals. To have crafting metals you have to get APEX pack and open it. How you can get an APEX pack you might ask. Well, it’s very simple. After a playing some games you might have a change to get an APEX pack. Or you can purchase these packs with microtransactions. After opening you will get three cosmetics or you will have a chance to get some crafting metals that way.

Also there are legend tokens, where you can get by simply playing matches. There are two characters(legends) in store that is not free. But it doesn’t mean that they are on a pay-wall. You can get each of these legends with 12,000 legend tokens.


With very alive and colorful graphics APEX Legends is a fun experience. You can play the game with easily 60 FPS on PS4 and Xbox X, since the games developer Respawn Entertainment aims 60 FPS at all devices. But it can get a bit tricky for PC gamers. System requirements for APEX Legends is;

Although it seems on minimum requirements APEX Legends is easy to run, the game developers themselves recommend 8GB or higher RAM,
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher GPU and
Intel i5 3570K or higher CPU.

Overall APEX Legends is a promising battle royale for casual and competitive play. It brings in so many new things to the still-new genre of battle royale. It surely is ahaed of it’s time. Could this fresh game beat PUBG and Fortnite? With whoppin’ one million player in just eight hours. It doesn’t look like the underdog in the genre.

You can click here to download on PS4, Xbox and PC.

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