APEX Legends Gameplay

This new battle royale gaming experience has a lot of offer. This game could replace the Fortnite and PUBG at a short time. With its unique gameplay, communication system, characters or so called legends and amazing graphics APEX Legends is growing very popularly.

20 teams of 3 member squads fight til the last one standing in this battle royale. 20 teams of 3 might not sound like a conventional battle royale but that’s what Respawn, the game’s developer is trying to do. It already kept skydiving to an island and looting for items part the same but added more new things as well. Such as 8 different classes or legends the players can choose from the start of every match. Each having its own unique abilities, playstyle and different mechanics.

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APEX Legends offers a very similar Call of Duty like gunplay but it is at a much better shooting mechanics on PC gamers for the most part. Its gunplay is very impactful and precise and has a quite big weapons arsenal from Pistols to SMG’s to Assault Rifles to Shotguns. All have a satisfying sound and feel unique. All these weapons can be modified with scopes, barrel stabilizers, extended magazines etc. just like in any other battle royale.

Reviving teammates, dropping and looting, shrinking map and all the other battle royale rules might not scream original anymore but what this game does originally is that you can revive your death teammate by simply taking their banner and bringing it to a reviving station within 90 seconds. These areas in the game might be the most dangerous environment because of how easy to get ambushed in these open areas or vice versa.

Looting in the Kings Canyon map is so delightful always. A huge map with nice layouts, multi floor military bases, airbases, jungles, and settlements stretching across the map. There are many details of the Kings Canyon that makes it such a unique map for battle royale gaming. It has horizontal and vertical ziplines to get to places quickly or even launch yourself into the sky. You can also slide down the downhills, making traveling around the map for looting a lot faster and fun.

APEX Legends only contains cosmetic skins and emotes you can purchase with actual money. So there is no pay to win system going on. There are 2 legends(classes) unlocks but they also can be purchased with in game currency you get after every match. The APEX Legends project lead Drew McCoy talked about before and said;

”Free players who spend their time are just as important to us. We take that very seriously. Time and money are the two most precious things in any humans life. And in fact, they’re choosing to spend either of them with us is incredibly important to us.”

Overall the gaming experience and the taste of battle royale that it gives is quite a bit fresh and new to the industry. Of course it has its own unique ways of doing things and with the hype surrounding the game, we know that this fairly new battle royale is not going to die out soon.

You can visit the website and download APEX Legends from here

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