Apex Legends – New Weapon L-Star

Apex Legends is a game where nothing is unfamiliar to someone who played Titanfall 2 in the past before. After all, the gameplay, the map features, and the majority of the weapons were either very similar to the ones we had in Titanfall 2 or were the exact copies. The latest weapon that is going to be added to the game with the launch of Season 2, the L-STAR is no exception to this.

L-Star is one of the most powerful LMGs in the Titanfall universe. So it makes sense that it is only airdrop exclusive which means you will only be able to take your enemies down with it if you get your hands on a Supply Drop. It is going to be fully attached with all legendary attachments. The only downside to this weapon is that you will not be able to gather more ammo for it as it uses an “experimental” ammo type similar to Energy Ammo but more powerful. L-Star holds 60 rounds per magazine and sustained fire causes the weapon to overheat meaning that it will need to cool down before being fired again.

It is going to be by far the strongest weapon in Apex Legends. If you get to capture one, consider yourself both lucky and unlucky because your enemies will do all the necessary things to get it from you. Once more news appear on Season 2 of Apex Legends, you can be sure to see it on our front page so stay tuned!

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