APEX Legends Origin

APEX Legends is a free-to-play game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts(EA). It has been leaked about a year ago that Respawn was up to some ”games” according to EA. We didn’t even know it’s name before EA accounced it. With it’s sudden release on February 4th 2019. Everybody was into this new Titanfall battle royale. Unlike it’s big brothers like PUBG and Fortnite, it brings a lot of new things to this new genre of gaming.

We find ourselves in the Titanfall universe although there are no titans at all but a big time exciting fun battle royale. There is no wall running neither. Most players are happy with the release of APEX Legends but some players are still disgruntled with the game thanks to the delay of Titanfall 3. After all, if there was no Titanfall battle royale there would be a Titanfall 3.  Twenty teams of three clashing with each other. Looting for equipment, ambushing enemies, reviving teammates, shrinking map and so on just like any other battle royale but APEX Legends has a lot more to offer than just a traditional battle royale.

It is hard to bring something new to this new genre where it’s dominated by PUBG and Fortnite. Respawn Entertainment focused more on teamwork so that means a smaller squad made up of three players. You can give so many useful pings simply moving your target reticle and hit the ping button. Letting your squad know that there is something going on. It makes things a lot easier compared to other battle royales thanks to it’s fast and efficent communication system.

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  1. nicolas says:

    este juego es muy super inter mega duper geniallllllllll
    ápex es el mejorjuego en la historia

  2. JJ SILVER GHOST says:

    hola soy el sejas

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