Apex Legends Patch Notes

Apex Legends Season 2 titled as Battle Charge has just hit live servers. Unlike the previous season, so many changes and additions have been made to the game ranging from map changes to new styles to new hopups. Without further ado, here are the highlights of Apex Legends Season 2 Patch Notes.

Weapon Changes

During the EA Play 2019 press conference, Drew McCoy announced the upcoming hopups but didn’t mention anything about extended energy magazines which all came to life with Battle Charge launch.

New Energy Magazines include different kind of rarities just like any other existing ones in the game ranging from Common to Rare to Epic to Legendary. Depending on the weapon class you’ve equipped, the magazine size will increase just like other weapons. This was something that added to the game because of the feedback from the community.

While getting these new magazines are good, there are now three new hopups available for both AR, SMGs and Shotguns. The availability of them has been increased for now so you can test them out in King’s Canyon!

Map Changes

For the first time since its initial launch, map changes weren’t something that anybody thought of on how the game would shape out over the very months. The Leviathans which could be seen in King’s Canyon even before the changes have marched into the island and settled there while destroying a few of the well-known locations.

Now that Leviathans have marched into King’s Canyon, the reason behind this is being investigated according to the lore but we already know from the previous leaks that Crypto, the upcoming new Legend is behind this and probably will make an entrance at the start of Season 3.

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