Apex Legends Permanent Solos

To become a part of the Iron Crown event which was introduced to the game on August 13, and ran until August 27, Solos were added to the game. It was something that lots of players have been literally begging Respawn Entertainment for and it wasn’t just something that was going to roll around for a limited time. Respawn Entertainment announced that depending on the feedback, it was going to be a part of the game and so far, everything has been positive but what’s taking Apex Legends Solos to be permanent?

Well, it’s obvious that Solos had huge anticipation. Especially with the shorter zone time and faster gameplay due to the nature of everyone being enemies to each other. It was something that a lot of Battle Royale titles were missing since it was the same scenario for Solos with Squads in PUBG and Fortnite, it was a well-implemented idea to the Solos. Got killed right after you’ve just landed? Just launch another game and repeat the Battle Royale experience.

Now that everything is good towards Solos mode, it is predicted to be something permanent in the game but since Respawn likes to make major changes through the seasonal changes, it’s unlikely that we get to have a permanent Solos Mode until Season 3 starts. In the meantime, you can enjoy the regular Apex experience.

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