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It’s been just a month since the release of Respawn’s battle royale APEX Legends. After lots of hype around the game itself. They hit one milllion mark in just eight hours. And a whoppin’ 25 million players in a week. It has surpassed Fortnite on its launch month. And it didn’t stop there, they just hit 50 milllion downloads today. That’s gotta be a record number for not only any battle royale gaming but for any gaming genre as well.

A tweet from the CEO of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zampella showed much love to dedicated fans and everyone who enjoys their work with this compilation of in-game stats.

We don’t know it the APEX Legends is the next big thing but it surely moving there steadily and nobody seeming to stop them. Considering the endless resources of Electronic Arts(EA), this game don’t seem to reach an end quickly. This is a huge win for EA and Respawn Entertainment considering this is before the first battle pass and new heroes to purchase.

Although it is seeming to hard to break Fortnite’s 200 million player mark, but there one thing to think about this. Fortnite was released a year ago. APEX Legends has only been out for a month and hit a quarter of that number. Even if doesn’t reach 200 million like Fortnite, these milestones are not only important for Respawn Entertainment or EA but it is very important for the gaming community as well.

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