APEX Legends PS4

APEX Legends PS4 released the same day on PC and Xbox devices. Giving that PS4 is targeting 60 frames per second with a ton of graphics options. That’s also what the game developer is targeting for all platforms that the game has been released. The game runs very smoothly even in the maxed out settings on PlayStation platforms.

Compared to the PC version, PS4 devices seeming to handle the games huge map Kings Canyon quite a bit better. Since this battle royale game features an inferior shadow quality, dynamic spot shadows and ambient occlusion. Respawn(not owned by EA), the games developer studio and Electronic Arts. is keeping the game updated every so often.


You can enjoy this amazingly crisp battle royale experience on PS4 devices from the link below;

PS4 Download

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  1. alex said loredo garcia says:

    es un muy buen juego

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