Apex Legends Ranked Hackers

Apex Legends Season 2 introduced to the game a new ranked system where players could compete across 6 rank tiers going from Bronze to Apex Predator which is the highest rank in the game.

This addition was something to hype about as it added something that could potentially thrive the popularity of the game back to its earlier days. Apex Legends has seen a significant drop in the number of people playing the game after the launch of the first season. The majority of the people pointed at the poor content found in the game and the lack of good content in the Battle Pass. However, the cheaters found in the ranked matches, especially at higher ranks are frustrating for everyone.

If you’re above Gold in Apex Legends ranked, there is a high chance that you’ve already come across to a few obvious cheaters. Previously, Respawn announced that they have banned more than 800,000 for cheating and keep on going banning cheaters each day. There are multiple ways to take action against any type of Apex Legends ranked cheaters. The most useful one would be no other than the in-game report feature that was added to the game during mid-season 1.

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