Apex Legends Reckoner

Apex Legends developers have long been working on bringing balance to the gameplay with huge changes. Let’s say just new things, not change because of the growing number of legends in the game. Apex Legends appear to welcome a new champ, Reckoner.

People are more concerned about new champs than improvements. Winminers have managed to obtain data about the new Apex Legends legend, Reckoner. Our new guy seems to be a total knight with his day-saving skills.

When we think of a legend in Apex Legends, one can say that this game’s gameplay is a tactical one just by looking at the legend. By tactical I mean developers want a real battle zone and players are expected to stay alive in the fight as long as they can.

So with this kind of gameplay build, players can find themselves in the bush with some kind of berserker mode on or play like a fox all the time depending on their gaming style. Reckoner is kind of both. According to some data miners, Reckoner can be defined under these titles: Sacrificer, Savior, Protector…

But remember that all of this information may be accurate as it leaked. And don’t forget that Apex Legends developers have also been working on twelve more legends. So let’s take a look at our knight’s skills, shall we?

Shield Blast ( Passive Ability )

This passive ability takes effect when a shield is broken and nearby enemies take damage from the explosion

Shield Stealer

Reckoner makes a beam shot to an enemy to absorb his energy and can use it again to recharge an ally’s or his shield. This skill also works with his passive ability, Shield Blast.

Gravity Orb (Ultimate)

With his ultimate, Reckoner throws an orb to a location that changes the route of incoming attacks from all sources.

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