Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends was scheduled on EA Play 2019 to reveal upcoming new features and new weapon and the Legend we will be seeing in Season 2, titled as Battle Charge.

During the press conference, we finally have gotten ourselves the release date of Season 2. It will start on July 2. Although each season was supposed to last around three months, the reason for the little pushback considering March 19 as the start date of the first season is the upcoming big additions to the game. Apex Legends players will get series of challenges that will be on a weekly and daily basis but none of them will perish after not completing so you can always get back to them even after not playing the game for a while.

The challenges that are not on a timely basis coming with the next season will make leveling up to level 100 much easier and the progress on the Battle Pass will be more bearable.

Other than these, Drew McCoy, the project lead at Respawn announced that we will be seeing three new ways to unlock cosmetics and other purchasable goods in the game with the launch of Season 2. While the date is set to be July 2, there are little to no information on what to expect other than these.

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