Apex Legends Season 3 Update

Apex Legends Season 3 brings in Anvil Receiver, Crypto, World’s Edge, more Quips, new Battle Pass, and many more. Season 3 is set to be the fullest season of Apex Legends yet. It is the first time Apex Legends getting a brand new map and a new Legend that is capable of doing more than any other legend we’ve seen so far.

Crypto was known to be a hacker but nobody really knew what his skill set was going to offer in the Apex Arena. Sure, there were some leaks on him using a drone but nobody was expecting something as over-powered as this.

Although some of the early leaks where it was claimed that he was going to be able to get to places where other legends thanks to his hacking abilities, the hack comes in when he is using the drone where it can open doors and trigger traps.

New Map: World’s Edge

Welcome to the planet of Psamathe which we covered in one of our earlier posts right when the artwork for Lifeline where she climbs a mountain was revealed by Respawn Entertainment. It features many terrains such as mountains, icy and lava landscapes. At the heart of the map, you can see a high-speed train that can be controlled by players.

Now that we have the introduction of a new weapon along with the map which you can see more details below, the amount of energy ammo found in the game has been increased significantly. It could be a thing for the World’s Edge because reportedly, there was a decrease in the availability for Energy Ammo in King’s Canyon at the later stages of Season 2.

Overall, with its greater size to the previous map, World’s Edge definitely offers a higher-tier of loot than King’s Canyon.

New Weapon: Charge Rifle

Unlike the Charge Rifle we see in Titanfall 2, the one in Apex Legends deals damage even before you fire it. Once you target an enemy, it deals target damage and then you can fire it to deal more powerful shots up to 75 damage per body shot.

The fact that it requires only one Energy Ammo to make powerful shots is the best part about this weapon as you can just have 50 Energy Ammo in your backpack and have more damage output than any other Sniper found in the game.

The new weapon, Charge Rifle can take in the following attachments.

  • Scopes
  • Sniper Stocks
  • Extended Energy Magazine

Season 3 Legend Nerfs and Buffs


  • Rolling Thunder
    • Damage increased to 40 from 20


  • Eye of Allfather
    • Reduced the animation by 33%
    • Now it tells how many targets have been pinged
  • Beast of the Hunt
    • Movement speed increased by 5%
    • Reduced the animation by 30%


  • Dome Shield
    • The players who are inside the Dome Shield use healing items 25% faster
    • Cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 20 seconds
    • The throw distance has been increased by about 60%
  • Defensive Bombardment
    • The duration decreased to 6 seconds from 8 seconds
    • Cooldown decreased to 3 minutes from 4.5 minutes


  • Grapple
    • The grapple projectile velocity has been reduced by 33%
  • Zipline
    • Cooldown increased to 120 seconds from 90 seconds
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