APEX Legends Server Status

With 25 million players in its first few weeks, APEX Legends servers went down. EA seems to have some problems keeping up with the heat. Can’t blame them though, 25 million is a lot of heads, even if you have the resources of EA. APEX Legends players had to face a downtime total of 5 hours. It might not seem much but when you got a lot of people craving for more of this newly and fresh tasting game, people nearly outraged.

It took EA some time to fix the servers. The new HAVOC gun released a day before the servers crash and players joked on saying ”HAVOC crashed the servers.” Lots of people became a fan of this weapon and had to wait quite some time to try it out again.

Now that it’s up and running again, players still face some difficulties. Experiencing delays as high as 165ms after the servers crash. Just for comparison this is so much higher than it’s big brothers PUBG and Fortnite. That’s a lot of delay when you are shooting up guns in a battle full of action. Possibly much more action than you would have in other battle royale games. So it makes the game so unbearable to play.

EA is surely gonna come up with a solution for all the problems they face. We gamers out here just waiting for the solutions to come up. We also know EA has huge resources so it won’t take much time for them to fix these kinds of problems as well.

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