APEX Legends Skins

APEX Legends is a fairly new and very popular battle royale. Currently there are 8 characters called legends. 6 of which are free and the other 2 can be purchased with legend coins. At launch, each legend had 40 skins and more on their way. There are some skin rarities as well. Each legend has 16 common skins, 15 rare skins, 5 epic skins and lastly 4 legendary skins, Each of these skins can be unlocked with APEX Packs or with the in game currency known as crafting metals.

How can I get these crafting metals you might ask, well you have to purchase APEX Packs. If you open an APEX Pack and get a skin you already owe, you will be rewarded with crafting metals. These metals can be used to purchase skins from the store.

Skins cost depends on the rarity of the skin. Common skins cost 30 crafting metals, rare skins cost 60 crafting metals, epic skins cost 400 crafting metals and lastly, legendary skins cost a whoppin’ 1200 crafting metals.

More skins will be added to the game in the future. Sponsorships like Twitch Prime will help the releases of new skins and it already has.

Check out the legends from the link below;

APEX Legends Characters

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