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Respawn Entertainment’s APEX Legends is a fresh battle royale. Speaking of battle royales APEX Legends is a very competitive game just like any other of it’s kind. Unlike most other games APEX Legends allows you to track your stats in-game. This gives the players an advantage to see who are teaming up with or battling against.

How can you track your stats in APEX Legends?

As we mentioned this new battle royale allows you to track stats in-game. All you have to do is simple. You simply head over to the Legends Tab, select the character you want to track the stats of depending on the availability then you must move over to the banners tab, from there you will have a choice between three tracker display on your banner. Also you can have access to all the trackers available to your legend of choice. This in-game tracker not only changes things for other battle royales but for many games as well.

You can only track your kills on APEX Legends Tracker for free while the others can be unlocked APEX Packs, with crafting or simply using crafting metals. There are only two rarities of the trackers. The rare trackers track stats of each legends unique skills and can be crafted with crafting metals. Common trackers use general info such as damage you did to enemies, killls with specific weapons, revives and general information. While the rare trackers cost 60 crafting metals, common trackers cost only 30 crafting metals.

Both enemies and your team can track your stats because whenever your banner is shown, trackers will appear. Giving an idea to both your team and the enemy. This opens up a lot of room for competitive gaming since people have an idea of what you can do and what not.

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