Apex legends Vault Locations

Apex Legends Players enjoyed it when a new map, the World’s Edge was released. This new has been released with a complicated feature consists of vaults and keys to open the vaults.

This is the first time Apex Legends developers have brought such a complicated objective to the game. They must have intended to spread the fight all around the map. This may actually make a match lasts longer than usual because of the time needed for getting to a vault after a keycard acquired.

While playing on World’s Edge map, you may come across little drones flying around and approaches from nowhere all of a sudden. Their colors change red to purple etc. while flying. You better watch these drones to locate the dropping’s whereabouts.

Vault locations pointed with red color as seen in the picture

Those drones carry keycards needed to open the 3 vaults located in different areas of the World’s Edge Map. Remember that more than 3 red keycards may be dropped by the drones. So it’s most likely for you to encounter a fight against other teams with keycards.

The vaults’ whereabouts can only be seen by the key holder in your team. It takes some time to open a vault, There generally spawns lots of items in a vault, so try to be more generous to your teammates…Here are the locations of the vaults:

  • Train Yard
  • Geyser
  • Lava City

There are three vaults in the World’s Edge. Those vaults have variables and legendary rare items, in summary, blue and purple items let’s say. But remember that you’re not the only Apex Legends player who’s looking for a Vault to open. There may be others who have arrived there first and waiting for you.

There so many types of players in the world. Those who like camping, those who like doing objectives, and those who like killing enemies only. So when approaching a vault, one should be so cautious not to be fragged by a camping enemy.

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