Best APEX Legends Game Ever

APEX Legends has very impressive launch numbers. It hit the first one million players in 8 hours and 25 million in just a few weeks. These numbers show only one thing. People love this game. Including myself after playing over 30 hours of this game. It is a battle royal, yes but it brought so many new things to a genre where it’s dominated by PUBG and Fortnite. Respawn Entertainment is aiming to give people what the other two is lacking. Which is one of the biggest aspect of this is teamwork. 

Let’s have a look why the Titanfall’s battle royale APEX Legends might be the best battle royale we have available right now.


You can share many useful information with your squad in such an easy way, simply move your target reticle and press the ping button and let your teammates about the situation you may have encounter with. Players can pretty much use pings any situation such as, when you spot an enemy, when you see traces of enemy, searching for items, suspicion of an enemy attack etc. You can also cancel any misleading ping you might have sent to your teammates. Which helps a ton when you have a lot going on in your screen.

Even Fortnite copied APEX Legends exact ping system onto it’s game with the start of Season 8. People have already started roasting Fornite for being unoriginal, which gives a lot of credits to APEX Legends.


Twenty teams, made up of three players gather around in a 60 player match. Mostly keeping the traditional battle royale ideas such as, skydiving to an island, searching for items, shrinking map etc. Just like any other battle royale but what it has in store for us is very exciting rather than same like everyone.

It has characters, or legends you might call them. There are a total of eight different legends. Six of them are already free to play and you can purchase the other two with the in-game coins. Each legend has it’s own passive and ultimate ability. Making up a team of three with every legend having it’s own unique attack and defence style, teams can do many great combos together. Changing the battle royale experience completely.


Well, that’s a tricky question because the has been out for only a month now. We don’t know how hardcore PUBG and Fortnite players are thinking about this freshly out new battle royale experience but considering Fortnite copying it’s ping system recently, APEX Legends is best not to be underestimated.

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