Crypto Season 2

Apex Legends had some cool Legend debuts but none of them is going to match with Crypto. We know Crypto since Season 1 and he has made numerous appearances in both game files and in-game. First, his laptop was found right after Season 2 was launched, then an image was displayed during a press conference, and now he made an appearance inside the Labs.

A Redditor, FrozenFroh in the Apex Legends community posted the video above and many fan-theories have emerged from this. It almost looks like that’s a holographic projection of him and not Crypto himself. Although we know a couple of things about his abilities, if his drone can reflect a version of himself like what Mirage does, Crypto will definitely be one of the strongest Legends as he can control the drone, therefore the holographic projection of himself.

All and all, this is another thing that increases the hype around the upcoming Legend. Also, along with Crypto, a leaked weapon will be added to the game from Titanfall 2. You can see that weapon by clicking the below.

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