How Many People Are Playing Apex Legends

Apex Legends player count has been the subject of many things recently ever since Season 2 was launched. If we rewind a little bit, Season 1 had devastating results for Respawn Entertainment and EA. A wide majority of players found themselves in huge frustration after the update not meeting their needs and desires. It almost seemed like Apex Legends was going to die and many videos have made around this, here is one of them.

A brief video explaining why it all happened

Now we know that is not the case anymore, it is safe to say that Apex Legends Season 2 had a huge impact on this thanks to overall improved Battle Pass, map changes, new loot, a brand new high-tier weapon, and more! At first, it wasn’t all that noticeable but with the ranked mode coming in, the number of people playing Apex Legends skyrocketed.

What’s the current Apex Legends player count?

During the EA investors conference, it was revealed that Apex Legends averages approximately 8 million to 10 million players on a weekly basis. It was estimated that this number was below 5 million weekly before Season 2 started. It is clear that Apex Legends came a long way since Season 1 and is on the job to reoccur the lost players.

Apex Legends currently has an average of 1.3 million daily players.

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