How to Get Better At Apex Legends

As we all know, Apex Legends is maybe the first and the most famous FPS Battle Royal game ever released. Regardless of its Battle Royal elements, we will mention some tips on how to get better at Apex Legends considering mostly its FPS basis.

Skilled player Mendokusaii who’s lately been noted for 36 confirmed solo kills

Ranked Queue

The first thing to remember is that some can not improve his skills by playing unranked matches only. You can learn all the things theoretically but it’s not worth unless you bring some action to yourself in the field. We mostly suggest you get yourself into ranked queues after you have learned most of the paperwork. This will help you see some real enemies.

Don’t Tilt Yourself

This may be the most irritating thing for every Apex Legends player. It’s impossible for us to know all the player’s psychological status but there are tips to reduce the tilt level…

  • More play, Less talk. Don’t obsess with everything your teammates say.
  • Everyone dies, get over it.
  • Remember that everyone could be having a bad game.
  • Always help your teammates, no grudge needed. It’s just a game.
  • Upon raging, try different modes, that helps, trust us.

Be Foxy

This one needs a lifetime to practice. The situations are infinite. Let’s think of an Apex Legends player who’s stuck behind a wall and is being zoomed by a sharpshooter. How should he act? What is the right thing to do in such a situation?

  • Consider your weapon type and check your ammo.
  • You reveal yourself and get to your cover again to see if your enemy takes a shot on you which may eventually reveal what kind of weapon he is equipped.
  • Compare the weapons with the distance between you and your enemy. It’s up to you if you reveal yourself to him or just wait for him to reveal himself.
  • Remember to duck always. Use objects for cover.
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