How to Report Players in Apex Legends

Apex Legends had one of the biggest strikes on cheaters recently. The dev company, Respawn Entertainment announced that now over 770,000 accounts have been banned for use of cheats, previously 500,000 accounts were banned. However, cheating is not the only reason anybody can get banned in Apex Legends.

Harassments, abusive language, overall being toxic is a reason to get banned in Apex Legends although it isn’t common at all compared to other Battle Royale titles. Apex Legends players may harass each other time to time due to how competitive the game is and therefore the desire to win games.

If you want to report someone who’s in your team, bring up the in-game menu by pressing Tab on PC, Options on PS4, Menu on Xbox One and hover over to Squad.

Select the shown symbol above under the player you want to report. On this panel, you will need to submit the reasoning for the report. You will be given two options, Cheating or Other. Click Other for toxic behavior.

If you want to report a player for cheating, click on Cheating and choose one of the below reasons.

  • Ammo or recoil was unusual.
  • Shot me with no line of sight.
  • Aim was snapping to targets.
  • Moving in impossible ways.

Once eveything is done, click Submit and done! If you want to report a player that killed you during a match and you feel suspicious if they are cheating or not, you can report them by opening up the menu.

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