Ninja on Apex Legends

Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Brewins known for his Fortnite broadcasts on Twitch TV. He is the first Twitch streamer to make more than $10 million annually from playing videogames as main source of income. He was even covered in the front page of ESPN magazine. He was by far the most successful professional videogamer of 2018 and this year has been also great for him.

Ninja reportedly have been paid $1 million by Electronic Arts(EA) to play Apex Legends and broadcast while doing so. Apex Legends gained more than 25 million players in it’s first week. It’s growth was incredible and before many players tried the game Ninja tweeted about it in the launch day and streamed himself playing the game for his 12 million followers on Twitch TV.

Ninja streamed Apex Legends for over 10 days and after that period he stopped and eventually got back to what he is known for, Fortnite. Getting paid to play videogame for 10 days and earning $1 million might sound ridicilous at first but this is one of those big strategies that big gaming companies such as EA do to keep the hype around the game. Thanks to Ninja and so many other streamers, Apex Legends reached over 200.000 active viewers on Twitch in it’s first launch day alone. Those numbers may dropped significantly but we can assure you that with the resources that EA has, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see those numbers go skyrocket again.

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