Ranked Mode in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s project lead Drew McCoy announced at EA Play Apex Legends press conference that the game is finally getting a ranked mode. Since this is something that will fill in the empty spot where the game lacks a sense of purpose, we expect many players who already quit the game to make a return.

According to him, there will be 6 tiers from Bronze to Apex Predator with sub-tiers of at least 3 and possibly a total of 5. The ranked mode will hit live servers at the start of Season 2 on July 2nd. This is a major leap to the competitiveness of the game, and McCoy stated that as players progress and reach higher tiers in their rank, it might take a while to matchmaking to find a match but it is because “we’re trying to find the best match for you”.

It seems like this will be a lot more similar to what PUBG does but Apex Legends is no place to be put in blame to copying from other games since both big titles like Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG have taken some of the new features that Apex Legends brought to the genre such as a ping system, Respawn Beacons, and Hot Zone.

Overall, Apex Legends Season 2 is going to be real hasty with all the features that are coming to the game. If you’re still new to what will be added to the game, visit our front page to find out more on what to expect in July!

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