Season 2 Launch Time

After reaching sky-high numbers, Apex Legends popularity went down due to lack of content, poor relations with the players, bugs, and performance issues. A game where it reached more than 200,000 viewers on Twitch now has less than 10,000. This is obviously a significant drop for any online multiplayer game, especially if it’s in the Battle Royale genre as there aren’t many competitors but has titles with huge followings. Hopefully though we will see those numbers get higher again with the launch of Season 2.

During the EA Play 2019 press conference, project lead at Respawn Entertainment, Drew McCoy announced the Apex Legends Season 2 and what will be facing with it. So far, the most notable additions and the changes that are going to happen to the game include a ranked mode, map changes, a new weapon, and a new legend just like the previous season. The Season 2 will start on July 2 which is today, at 1 PM BST or 5 AM PDT.

We will keep you updated once the new season is launched, in the meantime you can watch the trailer teasing the upcoming changes below!

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