Titanfall Battle Royale Game

It’s been almost a month since the Titanfall’s Battle Royal game APEX Legends release. It gave us enough time to look at the pros and cons of this fresh and crispy game.


Unlike the other battle royale gaming experiences Titanfall Battle Royale a.k.a APEX Legends has only the squad mode to offer. There are no other options such as solo mode or duo mode. Players gather around in 3 member squads made up a total of 20 different squads and fight till the end. It’s just like any other battle royale games, you skydive to an island with nothing and start to look for armors, weapons and many other useful items to be the last one standing.

The communication system between the squad members is unlike any other gaming experience thanks to its incredible ping system. There is a nearby enemy that might danger your squad? Just move your target reticle to where the danger might come and hit the ping button, letting your squad know where it is.


What APEX Legends brings to the table as a new battle royal gaming experience is the classes(or legends). Where did y’all think the name of the game was coming from? There are a total of 8 classes in this amazing game.

Bangalore, she covers her team using a smoke canister gun and she speeds up when being shot at. Making her a very hard target to shoot at. She charges up an ultimate ability in her case it’s a wide range of an air strike.

And there is Bloodhound, this guy is a mixture of a hacker and a bloodhound. That’s why he is named that way I guess. He has the ability to see the enemy for a short brief of time and footprints showing where the enemies recently have been.

Caustic, a legend that requires a ton of currency to play. He has gas traps and grenades that are vital for the close combat battles. Also, he can fill small buildings with noxious gas and get your enemies out of there before choking and dying.

Next is Lifeline. Just a combat medic but she heals with DRONES! Yes you heard me, drones. Another great fact about her is that she drops an automatic shield when reviving a teammate. Making the whole reviving process a lot faster.

Gibraltar is our big boy. He is essentially a tank with high defense and long-range artillery for the attack. He pops up a shield when shooting and can distract the enemies, changing the fate of the battle.

Mirage is our trickster. Holographic trickster to be exact. He sends out holographic decoys to confuse the enemy also he can deploy a team of decoys and cloak while the enemies are distracted. He sure will be super useful with those creative abilities in the hands of some pro players.

Pathfinder is described as a ‘forward scout’. He can create ziplines for his squad. Grapple to get to out of reach places much more quickly. There are many other things you can do with his zipline ability. It’s not just a quick hoover around the map for looting at the start.

Next up is Wraith. She is our skirmisher and can position herself in the void avoiding all damage. Her passive is quite useful. A voice warns her when the danger is near so she can beware of the dangers. Also she can create a portal between two locations for 60 seconds allowing his teammates to use. She has the highest skillcap in my opinion. Her ability to set up surprise attacks is incredible.


Unlike its big brothers like PUBG or Fortnite APEX Legends has another way to revive a teammate other than waiting for the reviving bar to complete out in the wild open. You can grab your downed players so-called banner and bring that to a reviving station. Pretty cool eh?

Another fun way of this is you can also camp around these reviving stations and wait for your enemies to come and ambush them. Making exciting battles around these reviving stations. But beware anybody can camp so make sure it’s less dangerous when you are trying to revive a teammate.


This is an EA published game so of course it was gonna have some crates right? These loot crates hold a various number of items. Such as skins for your guns, lots of character skins, unlockable audio quips for legends(classes).

This way players can actually get some exclusive items without spending actual money for the looks of their legends.

Will it be able to beat its older brothers?

It has a very sharp, crispy and colorful art style. Great shooting mechanics. Overall it has a familiar battle royale experience even though some things are kinda new. You can pick 8 different Overwatch-like classes(legends). You can revive dead teammates. Make bigger explosions have different abilities depending on your legend. But are these things enough to beat other battle royale games in the industry such as PUBG or Fortnite? Well, time has lots to offer. Over 25 million people in its first few weeks, APEX Legends is definitely not the underdog in the industry, with the huge resources of EA the hype behind this game will not die soon.

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