Wattson – New Apex Legend

The next Season of Apex Legends, the Battle Charge will introduce the debut of a new Legend to the game named Wattson. She was revealed at the EA Play press conference by Drew McCoy, the project lead at Respawn Entertainment.

A little bit of backstory to her, Wattson’s father was the mastermind behind the King’s Canyon meaning he created the arena while Wattson actually was born and grew up in it. So all of the existing Legends already know her and she does too. Supposedly, she is going to battle to honor her father. Watch the video below to find more about the lore of the new Legend, Wattson.

Wattson’s abilities are unlike anything we’ve seen before. She isn’t exactly offensive neither defensive, it’s all a mixture of both. Her tactical ability creates electrical fences that damage and give the effects of an Arc Star grenade when passed through by an enemy. It also alerts her whole squad and pings the location of the enemy. On the other hand, her ultimate is going to be a nightmare to both Bangalore and Gibraltar. Wattson summons an AOE drone that blocks all incoming grenades and offensive Legend abilities such as airstrikes. If you’re a Lifeline main, it’s good news for you! Because her passive ability gives her 100% charge upon using an Ultimate Accelerant, allowing her to spam her ultimate repeatedly.

She will be available to play with the launch of Season 2 which is set to date as July 2. Visit our homepage to learn more about what to expect with the upcoming season!

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