Why Apex Legends is dying?


Apex Legends is a fairly new battle royale game from Titanfall’s developer Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts on February 4th, this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It quickly got the attention of many FPS lovers all over the World with its great gunplay, unique ping system, smooth performance, and with its 8 different playable characters. So far, the game has been played by more than 50 million players and this data was announced only 4 weeks after the initial release of the game. However, the hype around Apex Legends is completely gone and even streamers who got popular for playing it are quitting the game.


Ever since Apex Legends was released, the updates weren’t frequent enough for players to enjoy new additions. In fact, the latest addition to the game was HAVOC rifle which has been around for a while. HAVOC was added to the game only a few weeks after the game release. Since then we haven’t seen any new things in the game except a few legendary skins that can only be unlocked through the progress in the battle pass. Even though frequent updates are not necessary for any battle royale game, it’s what made Fortnite the most popular videogame in the world for the last two years. It almost feels like Respawn Entertainment gave themselves a huge break after seeing the game grow and at this point they are not able to come up with a new thing that could thrive Apex Legends popularity.

Without further ado let’s dive into the most common reasons why people are quitting Apex Legends.

Battle Pass is a Joke

A wide majority of Apex Legends player base found the new battle pass and season one a joke after seeing the rewards were exactly the same as existing skins but with different color schemes and a few little details. Instead of keeping the battle pass interesting, Respawn Entertainment added a bunch of useless banners and apex packs to fill the battle pass. The disappointment among the community was so big that it was devastating. A lot of people purchased the battle pass just to support developers so the game would be more functional and better but all they have left with now is regret.

A Sense of Purpose

This is probably the biggest issue with Apex Legends and the reason why most people are quitting. There is nothing to strive for in Apex Legends as there are no ranking system or goals. Playing Apex Legends casually with friends is fun but playing any type of game with friends is fun. Nobody will sit on their computer for hours to get better at a game with no accomplishment at the end of it. I personally played the game for more than 200 hours but got bored with the casualty of it even before the first hundred hours. If the developer company Respawn Entertainment has plans for a ranking system in the future, we are unlikely to know about it since they are keeping everything away from the community.

Broken Game

Just like any other new game out there, Apex Legends had a lot of bugs that needed to be addressed in the earlier stages of the game. Although it’s almost been three months after the release, there are many major bugs hanging around in the game. Since Respawn doesn’t come up with frequent updates, these bugs stay the same and the balance of the game goes into absurd directions. The latest balance update went live on April 16th but before the update, there were a huge imbalancements with the legends and weapons. Apex players had to play a broken game for weeks and obviously, it was frustrating for many. Another major broke part about the game is the cheaters that can be found in every match. Although Respawn takes the punishments a little bit further with the hardware id bans, cheaters are one of the biggest things that are ruining the game.

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